Areas of Law

The National Center for Law & Policy (NCLP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) legal defense organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. The NCLP engages in constitutional litigation in state and federal courts and is also active in the areas of public policy and education.

Rights of Students

• Freedom of Belief/Rights of Religious Conscience
• Prayers and Moments of Silence
• On-Campus Bible Clubs
• Witnessing on Campus
• Event Invitation Flyers
• See You at the Pole
• Class Assignments & Religious Viewpoints
• Day of Truth
• Release Time Programs
• Graduation Speeches and Prayers
• Baccalaureate Programs
• Opting Out of Objectionable Programs
• Acknowledgment of Religious Holidays
• Confidential Medical Release
• Talent Show Participation

Rights of Churches

• Freedom of Belief/Rights of Religious Conscience
• Political Issues
• Salt & Light/Citizen Ministries
• Land Use/Church Expansion
• Employment/Statement of Faith Policies
• Clergy Privilege
• Bylaws Review/Revision

Rights in the Workplace

• Freedom of Belief/Rights of Religious Conscience
• Religious Accommodation
• Witnessing at Work
• Diversity Training Issues
• Sabbath Accommodation

Religious Land Use

• Use of Public Facilities for Religious Purposes
• Church Building/Expansion Projects
• Conditional Use Permits (CUP)
• Local Government Burdens & Restrictions
• Oppressive Zoning Regulations

Rights of Marriage and Family

• Freedom of Belief/Rights of Religious Conscience
• Rights of Parents to Raise Their Children Free From Excessive Government Intrusion
• Rights of Parents to Determine Appropriate Options for their Children in Education, Moral Belief, and Upbringing
• Curriculum Issues in Public Schools
• Home School Issues
• Defense of Traditional Marriage (DOMA’s)
• Homosexual/Bi-sexual/Transgender Issues

Rights of Expression in the Public Square

• Access to Parks, Streets and Sidewalks
• Access to Public Facilities and Events
• Street Witnessing and Preaching
• Marches & Demonstrations
• Prayer at City Council Meetings
• Protection of Religious Landmarks and Monuments

Right of Equal Access for Individuals and Groups

• Use of Public Facilities for Religious Purposes
• Creation of Bible Clubs on Public School Campuses

Rights of the Unborn/Protection of Innocent Life

• Abortion
• Adoption
• Stem Cell Research
• Euthanasia
• End of Life Issues
• Human Cloning

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